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Important Questions To Ask Wedding Vendors

With decisions comes questions - lots of them!

Since it's probably your first time to hire a florist, band, or cake maker for a major event, we understand it can be challenging to know the right questions to ask. So, we've put together a list of important questions to ask wedding vendors to help you find the perfect bridal professionals for your wedding.

Some of the questions regard practical matters of policies, logistics and timings. Others are more emotion-driven and designed to give you an idea of what to expect from the vendor in terms of customer service, support, and flexibility. They will help you decide if you connect with the vendor, so your budget and expectations are met on the day.

As well as liking the work and services provided by vendors, for some, you need to like them on a personal level. For example, the makeup artist and photographers are with you for many hours of your day. You don't want to be spending lots of time with someone who you find slightly too loud or annoying. You want people around you who are calm, uplifting and likeable.

So here is our master list of questions to help your head and your heart sift through the endless vendor portfolios that are making it so hard to decide. We are blessed to have so many excellent wedding vendors in our area, so take your time to find the right ones, then fingers crossed they are available for your date.

General Questions

These questions to ask wedding vendors are suitable for any vendor and are good ones to start with to give you a general feeling for their business. (We assume you've seen the portfolio and prices on the website or after an initial first email.)

What is unique about your company?

How long have you been working in the wedding industry?

How do you describe your style?

Do you offer a discount for specific days or times of the year?

How can we maximise our budget?

Are you personally there at my wedding?

What happens if you get sick or can't attend my wedding?

How much deposit is needed to secure a date and services, and what are your payment terms?

Do we need to provide meals?

Are there any additional fees? What situations would arise that we would need to pay extra fees for?

Do you have insurance?

Do you have a minimum budget?

What is your policy if I need to change the date or cancel?

Are your packages customisable?

What are your policies and procedures relating to Covid?

For The Hair and Make-up Artist

If you can find a stylist who can offer hair and makeup services, everything will go much smoother on the day. If you find your dream makeup artist doesn’t do hair, ask who they like working with. Sometimes they can work together and other times they will work separately. Usually, the makeup is done first, so the hairstylist is there to help put on the veil after you are dressed.

What products do you use?

How many hours do you need on the day to complete my bridal look?

Do you offer a trial?

Do you offer airbrush?

Do you provide eyelashes or hair extensions?

For The Florist

What flowers will be in season when we get married?

Can we import flowers? If so, where do they come from and what is the cost approximately?

Do you offer artificial flowers as well as fresh?

How can I maximise my flower budget?

Do you rent decorations such as signs, linens and candles?

Can you supply flowers for the hairstylist and cake maker?

How long do you need to set up?

Can I get my bouquet delivered early to another venue where I'm getting ready for photos?

For The Decorator

Do you work with the florist to make our wedding vision come alive?

Do you help us choose the style, set-up and colour palette for our wedding?

Do you offer styling advice?

Do you have a showroom?

Can we visit the venue together?

Do you offer wedding planning and on-the-day coordination services too?

For The Photographer and Videographer

Always start by asking to see several full galleries or full-length videos so you can check for quality and consistency throughout the day.

Do you recommend an engagement or pre-wedding shoot?

Who is on your team?

Do you have a preferred photo/video team to work with?

Do you arrive early?

Have you shot at our venue before?

What camera gear do you use?

Can we have unedited images and/or footage?

Can we request edits to the video? Is there an additional charge? Are mistakes fixed complimentary?

Can we choose the music for our video?

How long is your editing time?

Do we get a preview or sneak peek?

Do you use a drone?

For The Caterer

Do you offer food tasting?

What serving style works best for my sized wedding?

Can we customise or mix and match the menus?

Can you supply the wedding cake?

How do you work if some guests have dietary requirements and allergies?

For Entertainment Services

Do we choose the songs you will play at the wedding?

What music is played during your break times?

Do you take requests?

For The Venue

What time can the vendors arrive to set up?

What time do we need to finish the reception?

How long do vendors have to dismantle?

What are the rules regarding music?

Can we do a rehearsal at the venue?

Don't be afraid to ask questions and never feel like you are asking too many questions. It is the most important event of your life, so you need to know exactly what to expect. If ever there was a moment to go into details, it is now.

Ask for recommendations from the vendors. They have inside knowledge of other vendors in the industry, so they will recommend the ones they know do a great job.

We hope this article helps you find the clarity and confidence that will help you hire the dream team for your best day ever. Of course, it goes without saying, drop us a line if you have any questions because we are always ready to talk about your wedding.

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