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Mistakes to avoid at Asian #asianwedding

Planning an Asian wedding comes with a great deal of visualising and tasks to make everything perfect down to the last detail. However, it is perfectly natural that brides, in general, can make common mistakes that could have been simply avoided. Here are the top mistakes brides and grooms should have in mind when planning their wedding!

  1. Not booking a wedding planner

An Asian wedding comes with a great deal of responsibility activity-wise so make sure you book South Asian wedding planning services to relieve you from any stress that could easily have been avoided. By booking this professional, you will be able to surrender to the enjoyment and focus on additional bonding, or simply having a good time! Not only the planner will take care of just about anything, but they will be your best friend, listen to your visions, design them artfully and even be there for you when overwhelming feelings come pouring in. Should the luxury wedding decor have many elegant details and specific props included? The wedding planner will make thousands of calls to make sure that you get what you have envisioned.

  1. Inviting too many guests

It is no secret that the guest number will be large. They may include many people that you don’t even know, so our South Asian wedding planning tip is to first draft an optimal number, and then start narrowing it down to a more acceptable number. Make sure to have a guest list that will make everyone comfortable at your wedding venue.

  1. Not allocating your budget properly

Trust us, there will be a temptation when you wish to spend more on one piece that can cost you a lot more. It is important to have a plan about your budget expenses and to stick to it. Not keeping up with those plans may lead to cutting corners on important aspects that you surely need! The wedding planner can help you with proper budget management while maintaining all of your personal values a top priority.

  1. Create a well-planned wedding program

Let your guests rest a bit. Designing a program that will have full activities without in-between time to catch some breath not only will be tiresome but will lead to many delays as time passes. When it comes to scheduling dance performances, keep them to a minimum. Combining a medley might be a better solution to shorten everything and give your guests proper enjoyment when it comes to sitting through the dances.

  1. Speech time

Asian weddings can include speech time that is long, even more than an hour. We would suggest staying clear of such an approach because it may irritate your guests. Limit the number of speeches and toasts, keeping it at a maximum of 5.

We hope that we’ve cleared the confusion when it comes to avoiding mistakes during your South Asian wedding planning experience. For an opulent and lavish yet elegant Asian wedding decor adornment for your special day, make sure to follow on Instagram. Feel free to contact us in DM for any questions and inquiries, we would be then glad to help you!

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