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Creating mood boards for your wedding the sparkly rock is on your finger, and it's time to start.

The sparkly rock is on your finger, and it's time to start planning the wedding! Without a doubt, your wedding will be romantic, gorgeous and stylish but how do you bring together all your dreams and ideas into a cohesive vision that your wedding planner can help you execute?

A wedding mood board is a collection of images to portray the look, feeling and mood you envisage for your big day. The process of curating these images helps clarify your vision and gives your wedding planner or vendors inspiration about what you might like in terms of colour, styling and presentation.

This blog post explains the steps you should take to create a gorgeous and effective mood board for your wedding.

You might imagine Pinterest is your next stop but we recommend you take some time to think and talk with your love before you dive into the world of weddings online. It is easy to drown in a sea of lovely images on Pinterest (which is one of our favourite inspirational social media platforms.)

Have a nice meal with your partner and use a good old-fashioned pen and paper to jot down ideas. Make lists of colours, themes, abstract words and try to describe your personal style. Are you classic, funky, modern, upbeat, elegant, sophisticated or down-to-earth in general? When you go on vacations, are you staying in exclusive five-star hotels or searching out the most eclectic boutique in town? How would your best friends describe your style?

Try to pinpoint the vibe you would like to evoke on your best day ever. Will it be intimate, relaxed, decadent, soulful, glamorous, festive or sentimental? Combinations of words are fantastic, so don't limit yourself. This process is as much about identifying what you don't want as it is about what you truly desire.

We have words, inspirations, ideas. Take a break for a few days to process the first creative step.

Next, you are ready to start making your mood board.

Start with an abstract mood board that collects images showcasing things you are drawn to but not necessarily wedding-related. Colours, textures, styles, and the mood will be evoked from images that might range from interiors, nature scenes, colour blocks, fashion, and lifestyle.

After you create a mood board for the wedding day, you can get more specific by creating mood boards for getting ready, ceremony, and reception. Then if the mood boards are working well, you can take it a step further by creating a mood board for your florals, cake and outfits.

Share your mood board with your wedding or event planner, who will make suggestions based on your mood board. You can also show your vendors to see how they interpret your mood board.

Mood boards are a creative and inspirational tool that can be used for your wedding. They work especially well for couples who know what they like but don't have a strong vision for their best day ever. Have fun with your mood boards, let the mood flow and don't overthink.

We can't wait to see your wedding day mood boards. When it comes to interpreting mood boards, we confess we have an impressive talent for bringing your ideas to life. If you look at our IG feed, you will see many gorgeous weddings, and we fondly remember some started with a single mood board that we turned into a couple's best day ever.

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